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Among others, the services that FGM offers can be summarised as follows:

Farm Management and Administration

  • Ecological agriculture.
  • Farm Planning and Organisation.
  • Agricultural Company Management.
  • Farming Cooperative Management.
  • Farming Projects.
  • Fruit Plantations.
  • Forcing, greenhouses and tunnels.
  • Hydroponic crops.
  • Soil improvements.
  • Phytosanitary treatments.
  • Seed and seedling production and improvement.
  • Integrated production.

Constructions and Installations

  • Rural installation projects.
  • Agricultural and livestock premises.
  • Premises for food and agricultural industries.
  • Livestock installations.
  • Silos and Stores.
  • Enclosures.
  • Landscaping installation.
  • Irrigation systems.


  • Changes in irrigation.
  • Well authorisations and legalisation.
  • Irrigation pool, pond, channel and ditch projects.
  • Sewage and drains.
  • Water pipes.
  • Terracing and levelling.
  • Irrigation studies.

Land Planning

  • Rural roads and tracks.
  • Soil management.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Anti-erosion barriers.


  • Garden design and construction.
  • Golf course design and construction.
  • Landscape restoration.

Subsidy and aid processing

  • One-off payment.
  • Farm improvements.
  • Young farmers' facility.
  • Agricultural industries.
  • Ecological agriculture.
  • Communities of irrigation entities.

Agricultural and Food Industries

  • Seed oil factories and extraction companies.
  • Slaughterhouses, cutting plants, cold meat, sausage and canned meat factories and cold storage facilities.
  • Canned vegetables, fruit and vegetable cooling and freezing plants and fresh produce processing centres.
  • Dairy produce processing industries, cheese production.
  • Olive and pickle processing.
  • Breadmaking, pastries, baking, biscuits, pasta and semolina.
  • Sugar industries.
  • Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, fudge, sweets and chewing gum industries.
  • Vineyards and wine, must, spirits, beer and vinegar stores, production and bottling.
  • Pre-cooked food.
  • Critical point reports.


  • Appraisal of farms and agricultural buildings and industries.
  • Contradictory appraisals.
  • Landscaping appraisals.


  • Division of farms.
  • Farm measurements and surveying.
  • Plotting.


  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Environmental ratings.
  • Integrated environmental quality management.